You’ve Purchased One of The Collingwood Condos for Sale. Do You Want to Be on The Condo Board?

Anyone looking into Collingwood condos for sale knows what an excellent investment they can be, not to mention how wonderful life in the Collingwood area can be.  However, once you own a Collingwood condo, there’s always the option to take things to the next step and become part of your local condo board!

Being on the condo board is a position with significant influence, power, and responsibility.  Be aware, you’ll likely be expected to spend at least 15-20 hours per month working on board-related business – and quite possibly more, if you aim to be President, VP, or Treasurer.  However, doing so means you’ll get to become a highly valued member of the condo community, able to improve or change the lives of your fellow residents.

Condo board members are almost always elected, so your ability to press the flesh and make friends will largely determine whether you pull it off.  However, we do have some tips to help you get onto the board if that’s your goal.

Four Quick Tips for Becoming A Member of Your Collingwood Condo Board

  1. Get involved early

If your intention is to be involved in your condo’s politics, don’t be shy.  You should immediately start attending condo association meetings, getting to know your fellow residents, and otherwise becoming involved in public life at your condo.

  1. Volunteer

Most condos have numerous secondary positions which are generally appointed by the board, such as being responsible for overseeing the landscaping or arranging for entertainment.  Getting yourself into one of these positions is a great first step, and a way to show off your abilities to the rest of the residents.

  1. Educate yourself on the condo and its history

It might be dry and boring but go through the condo association archives reviewing the minutes of previous board meetings – particularly from before you moved in.  Look for trends, such as common complaints which get raised but never seem to be acted upon. Also, talk to people, and ask them what they think needs improvement. These issues should be the platform you run on.

  1. Be persistent

If at first, you don’t succeed, keep at it.  As a newcomer, you’ll be facing an uphill battle.  Keep running in elections, while further establishing yourself in the community.

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