Looking for A Quiet Alternative to Life In GTA? Thornbury Real Estate Might Be Right for You

As home prices continue to climb in the greater Toronto area, people are increasingly looking for alternatives – alternatives like Thornbury real estate!  This quiet community, just a bit north of Collingwood, is attracting a growing number of individuals and families looking for a great place to live, just without the expenses of living in the GTA.

If you don’t want to be too far from the city but want a town you can afford to live in, you probably want to look into Thornbury real estate.

Why More People Are Moving to Thornbury, ON

  1. Beautiful lakesides

Thornbury has been long known for its lakes and boating, and that’s still one of the best reasons to think about moving.  Getting a home near a lake is an investment which will pay off as long as you live here, as well as virtually guaranteeing strong resell prices should you ever decide to move.

  1. Plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature

Thornbury isn’t as developed as places to the south – or, as the locals would say, it isn’t over-developed.  Thornbury exists in close harmony with nature, including plenty of wildlife preserves and forest land.  This makes it a great destination for nature-lovers, or just for anyone who wants to get away from the smog of the city.

  1. A passion for civic beauty

One thing you might notice as you drive around the streets of Thornbury is how clean and well-kept the homes are, while still exhibiting plenty of personality.  That’s one of the things that makes Thornbury so charming!  Its residents take genuine pride in maintaining a beautiful city, while still finding ways to contribute their own unique style to the mix.

  1. A strong local arts scene

As you can imagine, with a population that loves beauty, Thornbury has plenty of great local artists!  There’s a lot of great arts & crafts, as well as a surprisingly strong local music scene.  If you love working with your hands or checking out local acts onstage, you’ll find a lot to love here.

  1. Good access to jobs

Because Thornbury isn’t far from Collingwood, you’ll still have plenty of job opportunities.  It could be the best of both worlds – working in a larger city, then coming home to beautiful countryside.

If Thornbury real estate sounds like it might be for you, contact Keith Hull, licensed Realtor, to discuss properties for sale.

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