Two years ago, as a newcomer to Collingwood, we started our hunt for a new home. Keith was recommended to me as a great REALTOR®. Keith took me out nightly for weeks to look for our new home. He was able to not only show me houses in our price range, but gave me a great town orientation as we drove around looking at houses. In the end, we found a house that suited our needs. Keith was key to negotiating the price down to a price that we could afford. He showed remarkable insight into our specific needs and his kind and gentle manner during our search and negotiation was exemplary.

After the sale, Keith offered to continue to be a resource for our family as we settled in. For the last two years, he’s been there for our family answering odd questions about where people toboggan or watch the fireworks. He continues to be a great resource just one text away. I would highly recommend Keith as a local REALTOR® who puts clients first before, during and after the sale. Since getting to know Keith, I would also recommend him as a person who serves the community with amazing volunteer work ensuring that local charities have the support that they need to keep doing the great work that they do for the community.”

Robin Heald
Home Buyer, Collingwood, ON

I have been very happy with Keith’s help as my REALTOR® in three recent transactions in Collingwood. His professionalism, knowledge and communications made the sale of my home less stressful. His confidentiality when I first approached him was truly appreciated. Keith never pushed me to make decisions quickly, and kept communication lines open without pressure. He handled the final stages of my house sale perfectly when I was out of country. Keith then took the time to show me numerous options to help me narrow my preferences and listening to my desires for new locations, he found the ideal condos. I highly recommend Keith and will definitely ask him for assistance when I need a REALTOR® again.

Jane Keast
Home Seller, Collingwood, ON

Keith helped me find my first home in Collingwood, provided guidance when I was looking at property in Muskoka for our cottage, and most recently with the purchase of a new home in Wasaga Beach. Keith is a wealth of knowledge, not only in the real estate market, but also in knowing the more meaningful and unique aspects of each of the communities in our area. Of all the traits that make Keith a great agent, his patience is by far his greatest. I have trusted Keith’s opinion and expertise with these big decisions thus far and will not hesitate to trust in him again whenever I decide to make a move or a real estate investment.

Jesse Hamilton
Home Buyer, Port Carling & Wasaga Beach, ON


Connie Hackett
Collingwood, ON

We can’t thank you enough for helping us with the sale of Dad’s property in Collingwood. You brought professionalism and patience to an otherwise stressful situation in guiding my Dad through to his next steps. He instantly trusted your expertise and knowledge which in itself is no small feat! Furthermore, you made us all feel at ease as a great communicator translating all information between our three geographical locations seamlessly. You exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to highly recommend you to anyone looking for the best. With gratitude.

Barbara-Jean Lovell
Home Seller, Niagara Falls

Without question, I would use Keith Hull as my REALTOR®. When selling my last home it was a busy time for me and I was able to trust him entirely to do what was needed to ensure every aspect of the transaction was handled professionally and in a timely manner. When searching for a home Keith listened and understood what was important to my family. Moving can be stressful and I was relieved Keith was an integral part of the process and we love our current home. I absolutely recommend him!

Jennifer Foster
Home Seller, Collingwood

Keith Hull is the INCREDIBLE realtor who helped us sell our home. His care, knowledge, and faithful efforts on our behalf made his representation INVALUABLE. Keith’s services far outweigh the amateur attempts of listing privately…due to his experience, and to his personal/professional standards of EXCELLENCE! Whether you are buying, selling, or simply getting your property ready for a future market, I RECOMMEND having Keith Hull lend you his amazing assistance.

Veronica Christian-Prichard
Home Seller, Collingwood

During this difficult and tenuous economic time, I would like to share with you how exceedingly happy my family and I are with the care we were given when we were selling and buying our home in Collingwood.

A young man, Keith Hull truly exceeded all our expectations during our experience of relocating our lives. By his actions alone we were confident that all needs would be met and all would be truly well with our world. His quiet demeanor and strong moral convictions enabled our family to relax as much as possible. His dedication to ensure that his clients were more than just clients is second to none. He honestly and empathetically cares for all his families. He speaks of others as not merely clients which sounds almost obligatory but as families. He allowed us to improve home without the feeling of being critiqued. We never felt alone. No question \¡/as belittled, his answers were honest and ‘up front’. It felt natural to let him do his job knowing that we were his top priority. After moving to our new home, he touched base with us several times to ensure that we were happy with our decision. His strong ethical morals were refreshing in this oft time Just get ‘er done lifestyle’ we are sometimes forced into.

With utmost confidence I feel Keith would be a perfect representative at any conferences or seminars as a mentor/teacher/speaker. If you have not met hin¡ I pray that you would make an effort to do so, for he represents all that is good in this world.

Thank you for having a platform in which I could express my gratitude.

Kathy Halliday
Home Seller/Buyer, Collingwood