Why You Should Look At Wasaga Beach Homes For Sale

Are you thinking about moving into the greater Collingwood area?  Do you have a family, and want to live someplace with a future?  If so, you should be looking into Wasaga Beach homes for sale!

For those who were previously familiar with the Collingwood area, this might sound like an odd suggestion.  For a long time, Wasaga Beach was seen purely as a tourist town, and not a place to buy property unless you specifically wanted to get in on the tourism game.  However, things have changed in recent years!  Wasaga Beach is now becoming a hot spot of growth and is increasingly popular as a place to live – particularly for families.

If you haven’t considered Wasaga Beach homes for sale, here are a few things to consider.

Why Wasaga Beach Is Now A Great Place to Buy A Home

  • Affordable prices 

Being as far north as it is, and still currently seen by many as a tourist town, Wasaga Beach property can potentially be had at great prices!  This is one of the main reasons for its rapid growth.  People from the GTA were looking for alternative places to settle, and Wasaga Beach fit the bill.

  • Simcoe County is growing rapidly

Right now, the entirety of Simcoe County is one of the fastest-growing regions in Ontario.  Again, this is mostly driven by flight from GTA, but it’s still absolutely to the benefit of anyone living in the area.  We’re seeing plenty of new construction and facilities and have every reason to think that trend will continue.

  • Great employment opportunities

Besides the overall growth of Simcoe County, Wasaga Beach is at a great location in between Barrie and Collingwood.  It’s only around half an hour’s drive to either city!   That’s an easily manageable commute, and it means that you could have a well-paying city job while still relaxing in the somewhat quieter Wasaga Beach area.

  • Loads of activities for the whole family

With its history as a tourist town, it’s no surprise that Wasaga Beach is full of things to do, see, and eat.  It has numerous highly rated restaurants, ranging from traditional favorites to ethnic fares such as Thai or German.  There are also numerous parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, skating rinks, mini golf, and much more.


If you’re interested in living near Collingwood, Wasaga Beach really is a great choice.  Contact Keith Hull, licensed Realtor, to learn more!

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