A Guide to Selling Collingwood Homes for Sale in Autumn

With the end of the year quickly approaching, some homeowners across the region may be looking to sell their property and be ready for a new start in 2019. I’ve helped many local Collingwood homeowners place their homes for sale on the market, and in this new post, I’ll provide a little more information about the best steps to take to ensure the successful sale of your home during the fall and early winter months.

Build your autumn curb appeal

The need to improve the curb appeal of your home doesn’t end with the change in the weather. Make sure that you use fall colours to your advantage this autumn season with decorative accents placed artfully outside your home. For example, you might add colourful pumpkins outside the entrance, or use fall plants such as chrysanthemums to enhance the space.

Cook special treats for home viewers

One great way to enhance the appeal inside the home is to take some time to bake some seasonal treats. You might bake cookies or brownies and serve them with some warm apple cider to put visitors in the ideal mood to view the property. The baking will also help enhance the scent in the home.

Use fall colours indoors

Make sure that visitors to your home are welcomed with tasteful décor featuring fall colours. For example, you might use pastel-coloured throw pillows when showcasing your home for sale in Collingwood. You could also add an autumn centerpiece to your dining room, presenting the ideal opportunity to sit down and discuss the home while surrounded by natural fall elements.

Keep the temperature comfortable

One consideration when placing your Collingwood property for sale this year is the outside elements. Consider how your visitors will be feeling the moment they step onto the property. They’re likely to be cold due to the downgrade in temperatures. Make sure your home is warm and inviting but don’t overdo the heat. Before inviting visitors, check each room make sure it is just as you want it.

Place your Collingwood home at the top of the listings by working with a qualified real estate agent in the coming weeks. You can call me directly to learn more about the home-selling process and your real estate options.

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