A Complete Checklist for Buying Collingwood Real Estate

As a Broker, I’ve assisted homebuyers throughout the community find and purchase their dream home. When buying Collingwood real estate, the moving process is an aspect that can often be overlooked since it is one of the final steps before transitioning into your new home.

To help you during your big move, here is a checklist that will hopefully make packing up your belongings that much easier.

Several months before the move

Below are the steps to take in the months before you begin the move:

  • Research moving companies and pick the movers who will help you move your belongings.
  • Sort through the items in your home to decide which to keep.
  • Donate items that you are not going to keep.

One month before moving

Here are a few steps to take one month before the move:

  • Start the packing process, beginning with items you’re not using each day.
  • Put together a packing inventory and separate items into numbered boxes.
  • Plan for moving with pets and children and start communicating with children about the day of the move.

Two weeks before the move

In the two weeks before you move to the new property, take on the following tasks:

  • Inform utility companies and banks that you will be moving to a new address.
  • Clear out your freezer and start using any frozen food that you don’t want to take with you.
  • Confirm the moving plans with your movers and make sure you have a clear understanding of the schedule.

A few days before the move

In the days before the move, these are the tasks that should be completed:

  • Finish your packing and leave the items you’ll need for the move out ready for the moving day.
  • Retrieve the keys for your new home and decide move-in timing.
  • Throw away any food you don’t need during the upcoming week.
  • Start disassembling your furniture and beds to streamline the moving process.

With the items in this checklist crossed off, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a simple and successful move. If you would like more information about buying Collingwood real estate or for other listing information, please call my offices at your convenience.

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