Looking to Sell Collingwood Real Estate? Here Are the Home Improvements You Should Make First

We’ve been in the business of helping people buy and sell Collingwood real estate for a long time.  That means we know what works, and what doesn’t.  Selling property in any region can be tricky, but there are particular wrinkles when selling in an area like Collingwood.  People looking for Collingwood real estate want the best, and they are unlikely to be impressed at a home they view as a “fixer-upper.”

If you want to sell your Collingwood home, you’ll want to make some improvements first.  Think of them as an investment!  They’ll boost your property value, as well as significantly decreasing the amount of time the property is on the market.

The Three Most Important Improvements to Make Before Selling Collingwood Property

  1. Modernize the kitchen  

The kitchen is always one of the main selling points of a house.  A great kitchen will absolutely boost interest and offers.  Unless your kitchen is extremely recent, it will almost certainly need a makeover – new counters, new cabinetry, maybe even new appliances depending on their age.

Remember to stay on-trend!  Kitchens will quickly look out of date.  In particular, if your kitchen is still filled with granite and stainless steel, it needs a makeover.

  1. Upgrade the master bathroom

The master bathroom is another showpiece which can immediately make buyers fall in love with a property.  It should be the most luxurious-looking room in your home, as well as keeping up with current styles.  As of 2019, that means avoiding the traditional “white and steel” look.  In fact, “black with copper” is big right now, as are other unconventional color schemes.

You want a bathroom which will absolutely wow visitors when they walk in.

  1. Beautify your landscaping

Finally, consider your home’s curb appeal.  Does the landscaping give it an inviting feel, with plenty of unique elements to help the home stand out?  If not, consider adding more elements.  Also, be certain everything is fresh, clean, and recently painted.  It’s easy to overlook aspects such as fencing, especially ground-level fencing, but everything should look like it was installed yesterday.

Keith Hull Knows Collingwood Real Estate

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