Discover How to Make Your Home Appear Larger with Collingwood’s Top REALTORS®

When you are trying to sell your Collingwood home alongside local REALTORS® for the highest price, it’s important you know how to make your property appear larger. As one of the most respected Collingwood REALTORS®, I use my personal real estate experience and explain how to make your home appear larger.

  • Remove the clutter

One of the first steps you should take in improving the space within your home is removing the clutter. Those old clothes that you no longer wear, video games systems you don’t use and basement furniture that has seen its best days should be removed from the property immediately. Work with local recycling and trash removal companies to declutter the property.

  • Add more light

A leading reason why those smaller properties appear so tiny is they don’t allow light inside to all of the areas. Make sure that you have plenty of light within the property. Add window spaces to rooms that are too dark and install lighting fixtures in rooms that require that additional light during the winter months. You’ll be surprised how much your home can open up with a little light.

  • Choose one large furniture piece

It might seem as if a few smaller pieces would help the home look like it has more space, but the opposite is true. One larger furniture piece is the best option for you if your home is on the smaller side of the marketplace. You can use the larger piece as a centrepiece to show the space around the room.

  • Paint the ceilings

The ceilings should be painted a brighter colour to add an additional design element to the space. This will help to open up the room and give the sense that there is more space at the other side of the area. Be careful to have rooms professionally painted if you wish to stage the property in the near future.

Working with trusted Collingwood REALTORS® can help to ensure that your home sells for your target price in the local marketplace. To discover more about the process for your home sale, call now.


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